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6 lakh TCS employees to be upskilled through Tata’s partnership with NVIDIA

NVIDIA and Tata Group have established a wide-ranging partnership to provide platforms and processing infrastructure for AI development.

The partnership will make cutting-edge AI capabilities accessible to thousands of Indian organisations, corporations, AI researchers, and start-up’s.

To attain performance that is best in class, the businesses will collaborate to construct an AI supercomputer that is powered by the upcoming NVIDIA® GH200 Grace Hopper Superchip.

The CEO and founder of NVIDIA, Jensen Huang, stated that “the global generative AI race is in full swing.”

According to Jensen Huang, “data centres around the world are switching to GPU computing to build energy-efficient infrastructure to support the exponential demand for generative AI.”

We are excited to work with Tata as they develop their cloud infrastructure offering using NVIDIA supercomputing to meet the rising demand of generative AI startups and process massive language models. said Huang.

An AI cloud being developed in India by Tata Communications and NVIDIA will offer essential infrastructure for the next phase of computing. By combining the AI cloud with Tata Communications’ strong global network, businesses will be able to efficiently bring the AI cloud to any enterprise by transferring data across it at high rates.

To create and process generative AI applications, TCS will make use of the AI infrastructure and capabilities. The TCS and NVIDIA alliance will make it easier for the company to work with its clients to drive reimagination using an AI-first strategy. TCS will also use the agreement to upskill its 600,000-person workforce.

Additionally, this alliance will accelerate the AI-led transformation across all Tata Group businesses, from manufacturing to consumer goods.

N. Chandrasekaran, chairman of Tata Sons, commented on the partnership with NVIDIA, saying: “The developments in AI have made concentration on AI a core concern in governments, industry, and society at large. AI and machine learning will have a significant impact on all businesses and facets of our life.

Every firm needs to get ready to make the AI shift because it’s a significant transformational trend of the decade. N. Chandrasekaran continued, “Our relationship with NVIDIA will democratise access to AI infrastructure, speed the build-out of AI solutions, and facilitate at-scale upgradation of AI talent.

N. Chandrasekaran added that “there are many opportunities for collaboration to advance India’s AI ambition given Tata Group’s presence across sectors and NVIDIA’s deep capabilities.”



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