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After the employee became locked in the elevator, HR reduced their salary.

Salary deductions can vary, but recently a Reddit user submitted a post claiming that his salary was withheld by the HR department as a result of becoming caught in the elevator at work.

“My office is on the seventh floor and we need the elevator to go up and down, but there have been some problems with the elevator in recent weeks,” read a post that was recently published on Reddit. We already alerted the relevant agency, but they were failing to provide proper servicing and maintenance for the lift. It stops randomly and doors won’t open.

“So yesterday I was in the elevator and all of a sudden it stops working and the power goes out. I tried to reach my office and the repair department on call but was unsuccessful. Eventually, I was able to alert HR to my predicament, and they dispatched a maintenance worker. I was finally let out of the elevator after three hours, the post said.

“When I was punching my In time the HR said you were late so you will be marked as absent and your salary will also deduct, I told them if you are marking me absent so I will take leave and go home, but my AM told me you have to work because they were short on staff, so I told them it’s not my fault if you allows me to punch In and correct the In time I will work or otherwise I am taking day off, and they started to threaten me about appraisal,” the reddit post

The post ended with the statement, “So I recorded the elevator accident and documented the conversation between HR, AM, and Me word for word and thought I should send grievance report to higher level.”

The article is being shared and has received close to 500 likes along with a few comments.

According to one user, if the corporate policies state that you must be marked as on leave, they cannot force you to work while off. If they do, you will need to be given an additional day off as payment. If you enjoy your job, attempt to negotiate a peaceful termination. Speak with a senior management to get anything done.

It seems like a hazardous environment to work. If you can, look for a new position. Keep in mind that business is not your buddy, said another user.



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