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Here are tips for freshers on how to answer salary expectations

A final-year B.Tech student from NIT Jalandhar recently complained on X (formerly Twitter) about the difficult working circumstances and the relatively low salaries for new graduates.

He provided a screenshot of the Tech Mahindra terms and conditions. The following conditions for the position are highlighted by the Post:

  • The company works shifts that encompass 24-hour coverage.
  • A Rs. 1 lakh indemnity bond with a minimum two-year service requirement starting from the date of hire.
  • An initial three-month trial term.

According to sources confirmed the information provided in the post regarding the company (Tech Mahindra), and the post was subsequently removed from the account.

More than 90% of fresher accepted lower salaries offers when Wipro cut the employee’s salary by 50%, from Rs 6.5 lakh to Rs 3.5 lakh annually.

According to Wipro’s chief finance officer, Jatin Dalal, “The next-gen associates were given both options and 92% of the campus hires chose to join Wipro at the original offer.”

The employees’ salary at Wipro has been cut in half, from Rs 6.5 lakh to Rs 3.5 lakh annually. New hires received training from the company. As a result, the Elite newcomer candidate can advance to the “Turbo” category. Additionally, this raises employees’ compensation packages.

A LinkedIn article by Tannu Priya, however, stated that “Salary expectations are intimidating to answer, especially for the freshers”:

It might be frightening to talk about wage expectations, especially for new graduates who may not have had any prior experience negotiating compensation. However, it’s an important step in the hiring process, and taking a strategic approach to it can help you land a fair and competitive compensation.

You can use the following advice to guide the conversation:

Industry Standards Research

Research the usual salary ranges for the position you’re applying for in your sector and area before any interview. Salary information may be found on websites like Glassdoor, Payscale, and LinkedIn.

Think About Your Experience and Skills

Examine your experience, training, education, internships, and any related coursework. Prepare yourself to explain how your salary demands are justified by these qualifications.

Be practical

It’s important to be realistic, especially as a new employee, even when you believe that equitable compensation should exist. Set a fair salary range that takes into account your experience level, the market, and your qualifications.

Avoid bringing up salary too soon

Allow the employer to start the salary discussion. Keep pay expectations out of your initial application and the first few minutes of the interview.

Display Energy and Flexibility

When asked about compensation expectations, be enthusiastic about the job and willing to take a reasonable, competitive offer into consideration.

Apply a Range

Give a range of numbers rather than just one. This still communicates your expectations while allowing for negotiation and flexibility.



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