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India and Japan now have access to Google’s generative search experience.

Through Google’s Search Labs project, India and Japan were the first nations outside of the US to have access to the Generative Search Experience.

As Google launched its Search Labs programme in the two Asian countries, India and Japan, they became the first two countries outside the US to have access to Google’s Generative Search Experience.

This year’s Google I/O saw the introduction of Search Labs, a project to test out new internet search technologies before they are made freely accessible to users.

According to a blog post by the firm, the Generative Search Experience will let customers in India and Japan use text or voice input to access generative AI-based search capabilities in their native languages.

According to Hema Budaraju, senior director of product management at Google’s Search, “users will also find a language toggle to help multilingual speakers easily switch back and forth between English and Hindi.” She also noted that Indian users will be able to listen to the responses in their preferred language.

The business did note that Search adverts would still run in their own spots all across the website.

According to Google’s research, users are using the Generative Search Experience for challenging topics and brand-new kinds of inquiries.

As a result of generative AI in Search’s ability to help users quickly find what they’re looking for, Budaraju wrote in the blog post, “people tell us they find the suggested follow-up questions helpful to see examples of how to refine their search, and they’re asking longer and more conversational questions in full sentences.”

The company claims that consumers in the 18–24 age range are the ones who are most satisfied with the Generative Search Experience.

The company has decided to add an arrow to each search result in an effort to aid customers in discovering more pertinent information through Generative Search.

Users should be able to visit these websites and read relevant web pages to learn more about the search topic thanks to the arrow. Budaraju wrote, adding that the feature would be available soon in Japan and India.

Separately, the company claimed that users were content with the ad placements made by Generative Search in the search result or window.



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