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What made Apple decide to publish its AI trade secrets on GitHub?

Apple has made a significant shift in strategy by deciding to expose the Ajax GPT source code on GitHub. The AI research community may work together and innovate more as a result of this action.

Recently, Apple took an unexpected step in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). In addition to developing the potent AI system known as Ajax GPT, they also did something they had never done before: they posted the system’s source code on GitHub.

This is significant because Apple has a reputation for keeping its technologies and source code under wraps. Apple has always kept things to themselves, unlike other major tech companies like Google and Meta that openly discuss their AI technology. Some in the tech industry are upset about this because they think that when large corporations use other people’s research, they need to also share their own discoveries.

Apple’s decision to post the Ajax GPT code on GitHub represents a significant departure in their strategy. This action is a part of a larger trend towards greater openness in AI development and may inspire more cooperation and creativity among researchers studying AI.

Apple is clearly spending a lot of money and time developing AI technology, even though we don’t really understand why they choose to disclose their source code. They may be able to compete more successfully in the AI race by making this move.

Both John Giannandrea, head of AI at Apple, and Ruoming Pang, head of their conversational AI division, were previously employed by Google. They have given Apple their expertise and a more accommodating attitude to AI research. Apple is attempting to promote talent and creativity through collaboration by hiring members of the AI teams from Google, Meta, and other companies.

It appears that Apple has created two new teams to concentrate on language and image models. In line with a shift towards more sophisticated AI, their most recent study reveals that they are creating software that can produce photos, films, and 3D sceneries.

How Apple will incorporate this technology into their products is still up for debate. They probably won’t be able to equip an iPhone with a really huge AI model like Ajax GPT, which has 200 billion parameters. The specifics are still unknown, but they might create scaled-down versions for smartphones or discover new applications for this potent AI.



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